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Not Today, Mercury is in Retrograde

Not Today, Mercury is in Retrograde

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Not today, Mercury is in Retrograde candle 😩🔮🙃🔪
In scent of Blueberry Gatorade after the infamous joke of Mercury being in Gatorade 🐊
If you struggle with this astrology transit, this was made SPECIFICALLY just for you!


Mercury is considered the planet of communication, travel, and technology. When it appears to move backward in its orbit, this is called Mercury retrograde. Astrologers believe that during this time, the energy of Mercury can become disrupted, leading to communication and technological issues, travel delays, and misunderstandings.


During Mercury retrograde, it is believed to be a good time to slow down, review, and reflect on past decisions and plans. It is also recommended to double-check all communications, avoid making major purchases or signing contracts, and to be mindful of potential miscommunications or misunderstandings with others.

This candle was made to create a space of peace and intention during this time of transition and transformation.

It is a time to revisit old patterns and habits, to release what no longer serves us, and to embrace new possibilities and opportunities. So slow down, go light this candle, breathe, reflect and process the transitions in your life.


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    140 gm Soy Wax Blend

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