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Greek Tins (Set of 2)

Greek Tins (Set of 2)


Set of 2 - 70gm candles of the Greek Collection


Get ready to double the delight with our adorable Greek Tins Set of 2!

Perfectly petite and packed with personality, these little tins are bursting with fragrant goodness perfect for gifting multiple candles, compact enough to take with you when you travel, or if you're scared of committing to the bigger jars and would like to try out our testers first, these tin testers are perfect for you!


Scent profile :

  • Bolt of Zeus - Cool waters
  • Selene : Moon of the Heavens - Warm buttery vanilla
  • Persephone's Garden - Japanese Cherry Blossom
  • Pandora's Jar - Sweet pears and crisp apples
  • Hera : Queen of Olympus - Cranberry & Fig
  • Hestia's Patisserie - Oatmeal milk and honey
  • Hades' Loft - Vanilla tobacco
  • Hekate : Queen of the Night - Lavender
  • Artemis : The Huntress - Violet, Lilac and Carnation
  • Love Letters from Aphrodite - Berry breeze
  • Gaia's Grace - Cedarwood, Patchouli, Frankincense, Lichen
  • Apollo's Healing Touch - Egyptian Cotton
  • Song of the Sirens - Ocean breeze 
  • A dose of Ambrosia - Peach blossom 
  • Athena - Tobacco Vanilla, Amber, Cedarwood


  • INFO

    70 gm

    soy wax blend

    single wick candle 

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