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Folklore Mini Bundle

Folklore Mini Bundle


Set of 3 candles of the Folklore Collection in 100gm


Folklore - Woody moss | Lavender | Rose

The Folklore candle transports us to the magical world of Taylor's mind where she sings and explores love; is a perfect setting to sit in your cozy blanket on a rainy day or the city's winter mornings.


Cardigan - Bergamot | Cedarwood

Cardigan smells like how Betty's Cardigan would smell like from under her bed.

The song is about a girl named Betty and the song and the candle inspired by her encapsulates how mature she was at the age of 17 and wad able to understand so much.

The notes of this candle is a timeless essence of the song that reflects on Betty's and her first love - James' relationship.


Mirrorball - Frosted Snowballs

"I'll show you every version of yourself tonight"

Mirrorball smells floral and and aquatic, very nostalgic just like how the song is about reflecting and introsccepting about oneself and past experiences. 

The candle helps comforting one through the emotion at times.

  • INFO

    100 gm

    soy wax blend

    single wick candle 

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