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Artemis : The Huntress

Artemis : The Huntress


Top notes of lilac, carnation and jasmin, followed by Mid notes of violet, lily of the valley, a hint of rose sitting on base notes of light musk and powder complete this fragrance. The aroma of this fragrance oil is fresh, floral with a feminine twist which I feel relates so well to the mysterious Artemis. 


Fun Fact : Artemis is the Greek goddess of wild animals, the hunt, vegetation and of chastity and childbirth and and twin sister of Apollo. She is also associated with the waxing moon.


    Soy wax blend double cotton wick handpoured candle.

    Net weight : 150 gms


    We do not accept returns or offer refunds. However if a product arrives damaged, we would be more than happy to replace/refund it after sending us a picture of the damaged product.


    The product will be shipped within 3-4 business days. 

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