Odin's Cube

Odin's Cube

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Introducing our double wicked Bubble candle that has taken over aesthetics on instagram by a storm! 

It is available in a plethora of scents linked in the product variants.


Fun fact : Odin’s cube or the Tesseract is inspired not by Norse mythology, but by a bit of geeky math and theoretical geometry popular in science fiction which gained popularity in the Marvel multiverse. The tesseract is a hypercube i.e., a four-dimensional cube used to encase the Space infinity stone in the Marvel multiverse.


    130-135 gms


    due to the nature of soy there may be slight blemishes which is natural!


    We do not accept returns or refunds unless product arrives damaged.


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    LENGTH -  2.5 inches

    BREADTH - 2.5 inches

    HEIGHT - 2.3 inches