Matilda wax melts

Matilda wax melts


You can throw a party full of everyone you know

A reminder to love and care for yourself and how it's not selfish to put your needs first

Notes of comforting Vanilla Ice cream


    Soy wax blend wax melt bar.

    Net weight : 80 gms


    • Store away from sunlight and in a cool place.
    • Melt within sight.
    • Keep away from things that catch fire.
    • Keep away from children & pets.
    • Only melt in a suitable container or wax warmer.
    • Wax can be very hot when melted - use CAUTION
    • To remove your wax from your wax warmer simply turn on the warm and allow the edge of the wax to melt - carefully remove the wax from the warmer and replace with a new piece. You can also do this when your wax is completely melted by using a paper towel or cotton swab to absorb the melted wax.

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