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Manifesting Abundance

Manifesting Abundance

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Manifesting Abundance 💰💰💰
Are you ready to manifest some serious abundance in your business or finances? The Manifesting Abundance candle is here to help you do just that!
With delicious notes of Apple cinnamon, this candle smells like a light refreshing yet and cozy day.

But this candle isn't just about the scent, it's about the intention. Whether you're looking to grow your business, increase your financial abundance, or boost your sales numbers, this candle can help you focus your energy on manifesting abundance in all its forms.
Just light it up, set your intention, and let the candle's warm glow create a supportive and prosperous atmosphere. Visualize your desired outcome and let the magic of the candle work its way into your life.

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  • INFO

    Soy wax blend double wicked

  • JARS

    140gm wooden lid jar - without crystals

    200gm golden lid jar - Green Aventurine chips


    140gm: 20-24 hours

    200gm: 35-40 hours

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