HOH Tote Bags

HOH Tote Bags


We have our dark grungecore Sun and Moon tarot themed tote bags (in black) and fairycore version Sun and Moon tarot themed tote bags (in white) designed by @davidsonyambem

We have our a version of our logo for in a classic hot pink to match the summer designed by @ronaldocasperioe

The part I love the most about these bags is that they have ZIPPERS!!! Something I feel that I constantly missed in other tote bags so I decided to include them in mine huehue buoy 🤪✨

Huge shoutout to @sson_studio for helping me out with the shots and photoshoot 🤍🤍

Each tote bag will be priced at 500/- inclusive of taxes and shipping :)
Size : 15 x 13 inches