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Competitiveness of an Aries

Competitiveness of an Aries


Competitiveness of an Aries ♈


Notes of Lemon Verbena and All Spice


For an Aries, the perfect candle would be one that matches their bold and adventurous personality, while also providing a stimulating and invigorating aroma. The scent of lemon verbena and all spice would be an ideal combination, providing a burst of fresh citrus with a warm and spicy undertone.


An Aries loves to take charge and dive headfirst into new experiences. This candle would offer an energizing and uplifting effect, perfect for jumpstarting a new project or tackling a challenge. The lemon verbena scent would provide a burst of positivity and optimism, while the all spice would give the candle a sense of depth and complexity.


It would inspire confidence and courage, giving them the boost they need to tackle any challenge that comes their way. Its energetic scent would uplift their mood and help them stay focused on their goals. Its bright and refreshing scent would help clear their mind and sharpen their focus, while the warm and spicy notes would provide a comforting and grounding effect. Overall, this candle perfectly capture embodies the spirit of leadership, determination, and boldness, making it the perfect gift for anyone born under this fiery zodiac sign.




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    Soy wax blend double wicked wooden lid candle in a clear jar




    20-24 hours

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