Babe, it's time to let that Man-go

Babe, it's time to let that Man-go

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Notes of fruity Mango madness - a nostalgic reminder of Mango Bite


This summer cocktail scent isn’t exactly a cocktail per say but the inspiration behind this candle was a clubbing night out’s bathroom scene where all the girls would be hyping each other up -
“GURL, that outfit is so BOMB”
“Omg I LOVE ur makeup!!!”
“Babe, he’s rlly not worth it, it’s time to let that man-Go”
I miss all my drunk/tipsy bathroom girlies, this one is for u


    Jar : 150gm

    Tin : 60gm


    Jar : 20-25 hours

    Tin : 6-8 hours